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Terry Home Repairs LLC proudly stands as the vanguard of electrical expertise. Our seasoned team of Electricians in Fredericksburg, VA¬†combines artistry with precision to deliver unrivaled solutions for both commercial and residential clients. We understand that electrical issues can be daunting, which is why our local home electrician services cater to your specific needs. Our forte extends to meticulous electrical socket repair, ensuring seamless operation and eliminating any potential hazards. We also offer adept electrical panel repair, optimizing your electrical system’s performance, and safeguarding your property from electrical mishaps. Moreover, our lighting upgrade services infuse a modern aesthetic into your living or workspace, illuminating your surroundings with elegance. We pride ourselves on offering a unique combination of technical expertise and creative flair that sets us apart from the competition. With our team of skilled professionals, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results for all your electrical needs.

Electrical Contractors in Fredericksburg, VA

Terry Home Repairs LLC is synonymous with excellence when it comes to Electrical Contractors in Fredericksburg. Our local electric contractors comprise a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in meeting the diverse needs of both residential and commercial clients. We are committed to ensuring that your electrical systems function optimally and efficiently. As your trusted residential and commercial electrical contractors, our expertise extends to every facet of electrical work. We provide bespoke solutions, tailor-made to your unique requirements, ensuring that you receive professional electrical services that exemplify quality and safety. With us, your search for professional electrical contractors ends here, as we redefine excellence in the electrical contracting industry.

About Us

At Terry Home Repairs LLC, we are more than just electrical experts; we are your trusted partners in ensuring the integrity and safety of your electrical systems. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we have positioned ourselves as the premier choice for electrical services in Fredericksburg, VA. Our team of electricians and contractors bring their extensive knowledge to each project, ensuring that your electrical needs are met with the highest level of professionalism. Our story is one of unwavering commitment to quality, and we look forward to being your trusted partners in all your electrical endeavors.


Electricians provide a wide range of services, including electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. They can install wiring, outlets, and lighting fixtures, as well as troubleshoot and fix electrical problems in homes and businesses. They also perform electrical safety inspections and help with electrical upgrades and renovations.

Running electrical wire for new installation means laying down the necessary wiring to power electrical devices or systems in a newly constructed area. This process ensures that electricity is safely distributed throughout the building, enabling the operation of lights, outlets, and appliances.

Electricians can install under-cabinet lighting by running concealed wires beneath countertops. This enhances task lighting in kitchens, creating a well-lit work area. They typically use LED strips or fixtures, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal in the kitchen space.

Electricians can address a variety of electrical issues, such as power outages, circuit overloads, flickering lights, and malfunctioning outlets. They can also diagnose and fix problems with electrical panels, circuit breakers, and grounding issues. Regular maintenance checks can help prevent potential issues.

Ensuring the safety of electrical work in your home is crucial. Always hire a licensed and experienced electrician. Verify that they follow safety codes and regulations. Ask for proper permits when necessary. Make sure to use quality materials, and never attempt electrical work as a DIY project unless you have the necessary expertise.